What is Personal Care?

What is Personal Care?

Personal care in the home is a very broad term used to describe a number of different areas of care and support a carer will provide, and includes:

Bathing and showering

Our carer will ensure that you are able to enjoy a much-loved bath again, with your chosen relaxing bath products or regularly take a shower, whilst providing you with the physical support and comfort you need.

Dressing and getting ready for bed

We appreciate that this routine task can become challenging as we get older, but with the discreet support and gentle encouragement from a personal assistant, means you no longer need to be as concerned about this each day.

Foot care

Our carer will ensure your nails and feet are tip top! They will monitor your needs to ensure your nails are well maintained, feet are cared for including providing relaxing pedicures and, if you are diabetic and need more specialist care, our professional carer will ensure a robust regime of quality foot care in partnership with local chiropodists.

Hair and beauty

We know how important it is for self-esteem for you to maintain your personal appearance. Our professional carer will ensure your hair is clean and styled to your personal preference, whilst arranging for visits from a home hairdresser or facilitating a trip to the hairdressers for treatments and cutting. Carers will support you to continue to wear your make up and enable you to shave, just as you always have.

Oral hygiene

Nothing is more important than oral hygiene as we get older to minimise infections and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our carer will support you to maintain excellent daily oral hygiene, whilst facilitating regular visits to the dental practice or visits from the dentist at home.