Oxygen Cylinder Rental Rate, Weekly: 3000 Tk, Monthly: 6000 Tk, Home Delivery & Cylinder refill: 700 Tk, Oxygen cylinder Linde BOC set selling price: 20000 tk, Medical Oxygen cylinder China all set selling price: 15000 Tk **Prescription Required**
Oxygen Rental:
We provides oxygen cylinder tank rental. Our store fully stocks oxygen tanks including B Tanks, C Tanks, and E Tanks; all are available for a monthly rental. The rental tanks come with oxygen regulator and a new nasal cannula. All of our rental tanks are in good condition, inspected regularly, and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every rental. We offer two options in renting out an oxygen tank. Option A has an O2 regulator that only has a continuous flow of oxygen. Option B has an O2 conservative device that allows a pulse dose of oxygen. Contact Us | Customer Service & Support: 01712-441402